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This study website is designed to help national and foreign pharmacy students to pass pharmacy exams in Australia, Canada, UAE, UK and USA. This is a free website to use and have a great knowledge of pharmacy. In some countries and places it is hard to buy book or have access to libraries or internet and for this reason it is a free website to create more pharmacists and ease the hurdles. To pass the various pharmacy exams students must know the major drug interactions, pharmacology and pharmacotherapy, drug class and chemical name and drug adverse side effects. After mastering the basics the pharmacy students should know dosing, monitoring, calculations and counseling. New drugs will be updated quarterly and study material will be updated twice a year.

In pharmacy exams, three areas of competency include:

  • Assess pharmacotherapy to assure safe and effective therapeutic outcome (56% of exam)
  • Assess safe and accurate preparation and dispensing of medications (33% of exam)
  • Assess, recommend and provide health care information that promotes public health (11% of exam)
The pharmacy practice is continuously changing with time and new developments and I will keep abreast new information and technology with the passage of time. Pharmacy exams are written by actual pharmacists and cases and questions are taken from real scenarios. If you need more study material then please review COMPREHENSIVE PHARMACY REVIEW, NAPLEX REVIEW GUIDE, RXPREP COURSE AND AMERICAN PHARMACIST ASSOCIATIONS REVIEW GUIDE. These study materials are gold standard.

Try to review the most updated and current edition. I would like to have feedback and suggestions.